Company Overview

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  * Public Company
  * Stock Trading on OTCBB (Symbol SODI)
  * Based in West Palm Beach, Florida
  * Approximately 47,000 square feet
      - 5,000 square feet class 10,000 clean room (FED-STD-209)
      - 25,000 square feet class 100,000 clean room (FED-STD-209)
      - 39 laminar flow hoods provide 100 class work areas
  * Over 90 Employees
  * Design, Develop, and Manufacture High Quality, High Reliability Power Semiconductors and Hybrids.
  * Solitron Devices, Inc. designs and manufactures high performance, high density, high reliability power components and circuits for military, aerospace, space and industrial applications.
  * Solitron's hybrids are either standard or custom made to meet customer requirements.
  * Solitron Devices, Inc. currently provides support to all analog and mixed signal designs, whether they are power or small signal hybrids. Support of digital and high frequency modules will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  * Solitron Devices, Inc. supports small, medium and large volume requirements.
  * Solitron Devices, Inc. supports COTS of all of products its makes.
  * Since 1965, Solitron Devices, Inc. has partnered with major defense contractors to provide key components to all major military, aerospace, and space programs. Solitron components have been used in well over 200 programs.
  * Cage Code - 21845.

Company History
1959 * Solitron was founded
1965-70 * Solitron purchased:
      - Honeywell Semiconductors
      - Bendix Semiconductors
      - Sperry Semiconductors
      - Hughes Semiconductors
      - Union Carbide Semiconductors
1968 *Solitron developed the first quad power transistor module packaged in a copper package with ceramic eyelets, which were used to drive the wheels of the Lunar Rover vehicle on the moon.
* Solitron delivers the first power hybrid containing a Beryllium Oxide substrate with printed conductor and resistors and populated with power semiconductors
1984 * Solitron packages the first power MOSFET in a copper package
1993 * Solitron restructured under new management
* Named "Partner in Quality" and "Preferred Supplier" by Raytheon
1994 * Achieved 96% on-time deliveries
* Renamed "Partner in Quality" and "Preferred Supplier" by Raytheon
1995 * Renamed "Partner in Quality" and "Preferred Supplier" by Raytheon
1996 * Named "Preferred Supplier" by Hughes Aircraft
* Named "Certified Supplier" (BRONZE LEVEL) by Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missile
1997 * Introduced Power Hybrids for Commercial Space Applications containing Rad-Hard "SEGR" Resistant Power MOSFETs
1998 *Introduced SMD (Standard Military Drawing) Voltage Regulators

* Received ISO-9001:1994 Certification
* Introduced Power Factor Correction Modules


* Received ISO-9001:2000 Certification


Received AS9100, Rev.B Certification