Bipolar Power Transistors


40V to 700V

N-Channel and P-Channel

JAN/JANTX/JANTXV Standard Products

S Level Equivalent Screening

Customized Packaging and Configurations

Solitron has been a recognized leader and pioneer in the manufacturing of state-of-the art bipolar power transistor products for over 50 years. Standard Packaging options include TO-3, TO-5, TO-39, TO-66, TO-111 (stud), TO-254, TO-257 and TO-258. Customized leaded or leadless surface mount packages are also available.


Type NumberPackage19500/VCBO (V)VCEO (V)IC (Cont) (A)Power (@TC =25°C) (W)Datasheet
*TC = 100 ° C in lieu of 25 ° C
** TC = 75 ° C in lieu of 25 ° C
2N2880*TO-11131511080530coming soon
2N3439TO-5/3936845035015coming soon
2N3440TO-5/3936830025015coming soon
2N3441TO-6636916014033coming soon
2N3442TO-3370160140106coming soon
2N3771TO-35185040306coming soon
2N3772TO-351810060206coming soon
2N3902 **TO-33717004003.5100coming soon
2N5038TO-34391509020140coming soon
2N5039TO-34391257520140coming soon
2N5239TO-33002255100coming soon
2N5240TO-33753005100coming soon
2N5302TO-34566060305coming soon
2N5303TO-34568080205coming soon
2N5664 *TO-66455250200530coming soon
2N5666TO-5/39455250200515coming soon
2N5667TO-5/39455400300535coming soon
2N5671TO-34881209030140coming soon
2N5672TO-348815012030140coming soon
2N6306TO-34985002508125coming soon
2N6308TO-34987003508125coming soon
2N6338TO-312010025200coming soon
2N6341TO-318015025200coming soon


Type NumberPackage19500/VCBO (V)VCEO (V)IC (Cont) (A)Power (@TC =25°C) (W)Datasheet
2N4399TO-34336960305coming soon
2N5415TO-5/39485200200110coming soon
2N5416TO-5/39485350300110coming soon
2N6437TO-350812010025200coming soon
2N6438TO-350812010025200coming soon