Solitron has a full range of manufacturing capabilities, from semiconductor wafer fab to microelectronic power assembly.   A strong design and process engineering staff utilizes synergy between wafer fab, high voltage expertise and power module capability to develop state of the art miniaturized solutions.

Successful design and production of power microcircuits requires unique manufacturing capabilities including eutectic die attach, gold and aluminum wire bonding and high power/high voltage  electrical test.

Working with high current, high voltage circuitry requires expertise with thermal management.  Solitron uses a combination of direct bond copper or actively brazed copper on ceramics including alumina, BeO, and AlN.  Direct bond copper and active brazed copper offer extremely low impedances and superb thermal conductivity.  High thermal conductivity packages and base plates provide high efficiency and increased reliability. Internal machining capability allows Solitron to offer customized packaging, lead modification and lead forming.